Katherine Finn received a Bachelor of Science degree at McGill University with a major in Microbiology in 2008 and a Juris Doctorate at The University of British Columbia in 2012.  After articling with two firms, one specializing in criminal and administrative law firm and one specializing in civil litigation, Katherine was called to the bar in British Columbia in 2013.  Katherine practised personal injury and employment law for two years before joining Swadden & Company in 2015, where her practice now focuses primarily on insurance law.  She has conducted several trials in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, defending claims involving orthopaedic injuries, chronic pain, and psychological injuries.

Katherine volunteers with Access Pro Bono in North Vancouver.  In her spare time Katherine enjoys travelling, golfing, and hiking.

Katherine can be reached at:

(604) 630-3352


LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/katherine-finn-0b38b9a9

Katherine’s paralegal is Kimberlee Maltezo Chan, who can be reached at:

(604) 630-4357