Lawyers For Will Drafting And Review

As part of overall estate planning, a current will is a necessity. It is your one opportunity to designate who will receive your assets and to make special provisions for loved ones. At Swadden & Company, our estate planning work for Vancouver residents often begins with a will, which must be drafted appropriately in order to give full effect to your wishes.

When drafting a will for clients, we evaluate and discuss each client's personal planning goals. A will works in conjunction with other legal documents designed to preserve as much capital as possible for beneficiaries. Family trusts and gifts of property during life may be appropriate, depending on a particular family circumstance.

Advice From Experienced And Knowledgeable Lawyers

Speaking with one of us can remove the mystery from the process of preparing a will. There are many things everyday people simply do not know about the process. For example, certain items are not included in your estate, such as pieces of property held in joint tenancy, bank accounts held jointly with another person, and registered assets such as RRSPs.

When you die, a court can change your will, within certain legal guidelines. For example, you have a responsibility to support certain family members and a court can step in and vary your will if you fail to make adequate provisions. Since we are experienced litigators, we can take preventive steps in the drafting process to make sure estate disputes do not occur.

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