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Estate planning is organizing your affairs for your own well-being, and for the benefit of beneficiaries to your estate. Proper estate planning encompasses end-of-life issues and medical care decisions. It also involves paying close attention to financial matters, and where possible creating structures that avoid a probate burden on loved ones.

Overall, our team of estate planning lawyers in Vancouver, ensures that your assets are distributed how you want, without unnecessary risk of family conflict over unresolved issues. At Swadden & Company, we have the necessary experience to provide you with an assessment of your estate planning options. Among the tools we provide to clients are:

In particular for blended families, estate planning is an important process to ensure asset protection. British Columbia law will determine how your assets are distributed if you die intestate (without a will) and even if you do have a distribution in mind, your will can be challenged in court if not drafted properly.

At Swadden & Company, we will take an inventory of your financial assets and personal effects as well as your specific concerns. For example, you may have a dependent with a disability who requires consideration. We will give you the options you need to give effect to what you want to see happen both at the end of your life and upon your death.

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