Legal Options During Estate Disputes

Estate disputes involve important issues about family relationships. Whether it is an accusation of elder abuse, unfair treatment in a will or family estrangement, these legal claims go to the root of what most people hold dear. For these reasons, it is important to pursue a legal claim with the assistance of a lawyer who has experience in court and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, so you have a range of options to reach a fair conclusion.

Swadden & Company is a firm of Vancouver estate dispute lawyers with a history of representing people in complex and high-stakes cases. We have the experience with the British Columbia court system, as well as knowledge of the ins and outs of family relationships, which makes us a strong choice for your legal representation.

Speak with us if you are unhappy with your portion of an estate. Even employed and self-sufficient adult children of the deceased may make a legal claim for variance.

Legal Claims For All Aspects Of Estate Conflicts

End-of-life care for a loved one, property transfers and the provisions of a will or trust are all potential sources of conflict. At Swadden & Company, among the vast array of claims we handle include:

In all cases, we strive to represent your unique needs as a legal claimant and as a member of a family. Often, in estate conflicts, the two sides are different members of the same family, and although litigation is often the right choice to achieve a fair result, it can be emotionally difficult for everyone involved. We offer compassion, sensitivity and the highest level of legal skills.

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