Estate Administration Lawyers In Vancouver

Estate administration is a detail-oriented process. Hiring a lawyer to assist you with all aspects, including probate, estate asset distribution and resolving conflicts with beneficiaries can relieve a time-consuming burden. Since administrators and executors are obliged to act ethically and meet legal deadlines, a lawyer can ensure that you have legal protection if you are accused of acting inappropriately.

Swadden & Company's legal team members have decades of experience in dispute resolution and litigation. Our team of estate administration lawyers helps Vancouver families handle estates efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer ongoing advice, guidance and legal services aimed at supporting you and your family.

If you are the executor of a trust or an estate, contact us. Call us at 604-901-2260 in Vancouver, or toll free at 800-639-9080 to make an appointment or contact us online.

Our work involves applying for probate when the deceased had a will and a representation grant is required by financial institutions or other bodies in order to release estate assets. If your loved one died intestate (without a will), we can help you apply to administer the estate and to complete the required legal steps.

Experience And Dedication Working For You

Swadden & Company has been a Vancouver law firm since 1988. Our team has extensive experience in complex litigation, including estate disputes. We can work proactively to ensure estate administration is concluded expediently, legally and ethically to minimize any potential conflict. If conflict does arise, we can provide legal advice and representation to protect you and the estate.